The difference between monofilament filter cloth and multifilament filter cloth

  1. Notes
    (1) Monofilament filter cloth is woven from a single strong yarn. Both the warp and weft are monofilaments. It is widely used in the industrial field. Its advantages are uniform pore size, high strength, good water permeability and smooth surface.
    (2) Multifilament filter cloth is made of multiple silk threads, with twisted and untwisted tows, warp and weft yarns are multifilament, widely used in the chemical industry.
    (3) The warp yarn is monofilament, and the weft yarn is multifilament.
  2. Usage scenarios and differences
    (1), monofilament filter cloth. Filter cloth with smooth surface and excellent dehydration properties. The monofilament filter cloth is easy to clean, has high strength and good filtering effect, and the air permeability is 150-1200L/㎡.s. Most of the monofilament filter cloth is used in the field of coal washing and sand washing.
    (2), multifilament filter cloth. It is suitable for filtration and separation of very fine particles (300-800um), and the air volume is 2-100L/㎡.s.
  3. The wear resistance is worse than that of monofilament filter, and the multifilament filter cloth has a strong particle retention ability and is not easy to clean.
    (3), single multifilament filter cloth. The filter cake of the monofilament filter cloth can be quickly peeled off, and the multifilament filter cloth can be filtered with high precision. The three series of filter cloths are complementary.
  4. Monofilament is the warp thread/weft thread, both are one thread, the monofilament filter cloth is not easy to block, the regeneration effect is good, the service life is long, and the unloading is convenient.
  5. It is used in vacuum belt filter, drum machine, centrifuge and other filter machinery The more, the better the effect.
  6. Multifilament is the warp/weft thread, which is woven from multiple fibers to form a single thread. According to the length of the fiber, it is divided into long fiber multifilament/short fiber multifilament.
  7. The multifilament filter cloth has a good interception effect on fine particles. After the particles enter the filter cloth, it is difficult to wash out due to the large number of fibers.
  8. Compared with the monofilament filter cloth, the regeneration effect of the multifilament filter cloth is not good, it is easy to block, and it is inconvenient to unload. (It is better to unload the imported cloth after light treatment).
  9. However, in many chemical industries, because the material particles to be filtered are small, monofilament filter cloth cannot meet the requirements, so multifilament cloth is still widely used.