1.6 PP-plate Diaphragm

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General Information

Tested modern technology for reliable operation
Private filter panels with 1.6, 2.5 and also 6 m2 of single-sided filtering area
depending upon model as well as operating pressure up to 16 bar. These plates are stacked horizontally on top of each other for a total filter area of 1.6 to 168 m2.

A single filter cloth is utilized for purification by zigzagging the cloth in between the filter plates and the sides of the filter.

A variety of various material kinds is available for various applications.
The filter cloth ensures reliable as well as complete discharge of the filter cake from each private chamber in each cycle without hand-operated intervention.

Regular performance as well as simpler maintenance
Filters are fully automated, run making use of a separate panel and incorporated soft PLC, and can be attached through a distributed control system.

Automation prolongs from easy filter sequencing to procedure control, making sure consistent filtration results under different procedure problems.

Each time the filter cloth is moved, it is travelled through a high pressure water jet to eliminate any type of recurring solids. This maintains fabric leaks in the structure as well as constant filtration performance by making sure that each chamber has the very same cloth resistance, and also expands the life of the towel.
Our single-cloth system makes maintenance quick and easy, with towel changes commonly taking as little as half an hour as well as needing only 2 professionals. In addition, a thorough cloth inspection can be done without closing down the device.

vertical filter plates 1.6 PP-plate Diaphragm
vertical filter plates 1.6 PP plate Diaphragm
vertical filter plates 1.6 PP plate Diaphragm

Product Specifications

Standard sizes: 2500x2500mm,2000x2000mm,1500x1500mm,1250x1250mm,1200x1200mm,1000x1000mm,800x800mm,630x630mm,470x470mm,450x450mm,400x400mm,270x270mm.

These formats are available in open and closed designs. Larger and alternative formats available upon request.

Filter plate is fitted on the filter press bar, it is working with filter cloth to increasing the filter press filter area, holding the solid and form the filter cake during the process of filtration.

The filter plate is working for the solid and liquid seperation for the press filter.The material feeded by the pump to the filter chamber, than to the filter space pressed by two filter plates, the liquid filterd by the filter cloth, the solid released from the filter plate. This is the process of solid and liquid seperation.


High Pressure, Waterproof, Alkaliproof, Acidproof, Corrosion Resistant, High Temperature.

Filter Plate

High Working Efficiency

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Company Advantages

★Modern production technology

★Short product lead time

★Invest in the latest technology

★Respond quickly and solve customer problems

★Production flexibility to meet customer requirements

★High product quality standards

Filter Press and Filter Plates Euipment
Filter Press and Filter Plates Euipment
Filter Press and Filter Plates Detect
Notch Impact Experiment of Cantilever Beam

Company Strength

● More than 20 years mining equipment production experience
● Can work/adapt on customer’s drawing, max filter plate size is 3800mm
● Cooperate with Beijing General Research Institute of Mining &Metallurgy
● Passed CE, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, OHSAS18001:2007, FDA
● Exported to Australia, Chile, Finland, Germany, Peru, Russia, South Africa, USA and so on.

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Filter Press and Filter Plates Partners
Filter Press and Filter Plates Partners
Filter Press and Filter Plates Partners
Filter Press and Filter Plates Partners
Filter Press and Filter Plates Partners
Filter Press and Filter Plates Partners


Evergreen (China) Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of filter equipment and mineral equipment accessories integrating R&D, production and sale.

Evergreen has powerful technical force, complete processing method and rich experience.

We introduce advanced CNC process center, CNC lathe, extrude machine, large type vulcanizing press, welding machine and other processing equipment as well as advanced test equipment like non-rotor rheometer and tensile tester from Japan and Germany.

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