How does the filter plate expansion system of a membrane filter press work?

There are some differences between the membrane filter press and other filter press equipment, the main difference is that it has an internal filter plate expansion system, this system is different from other types of equipment. What role does it play?

When the diaphragm filter press works for a period of time, the filter chamber has been filled with filter cloth, the equipment will not be able to continue the work of solid-liquid separation, so when the filter cake fills the entire chamber, it is difficult for the filtered liquid to seep out of the filter cloth, so the feeding system of the diaphragm filter press will stop feeding at this time, and the feeding hole will be temporarily closed.

This is when the membrane filter press’s plate expansion system comes into play.

When the hydraulic oil continues to increase, the filter plate will expand outwards and the filter cake will be squeezed and the volume of the filter cake will be reduced, which will greatly reduce the water content of the cake.

This is the secret of the membrane filter press that can reduce the water content of the filter cake.