1: PP polypropylene is currently commonly in use, that is, high molecular PP. This material has very good resistance to various acids and bases. Including strong acid hydrofluoric acid. But the operating temperature range is relatively small. Most of them can only withstand 70 ° materials for a short time. The high-temperature filter plate is an organic material with good acid resistance and temperature resistance. The normal temperature resistance can reach about 150°, but the alkali resistance is extremely poor.
2: The diaphragm filter plate has good elasticity, and the moisture content of the filter cake reaches below 30%.
3: Rubber filter plate, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, high sealing performance.
4: Aluminum filter plate, among all metal filter plates, is light, but relatively less resistant to acid.
5: Cast iron filter plate, heavy weight, poor acid resistance and temperature resistance.
6: Stainless steel filter plate has better acid and alkali resistance, but the price is the largest among all filter plates. After all, the material itself is expensive, and the machining time is very time-consuming.
The plastic filter plate uses in the plate and frame filter press. On the market is an improved polypropylene plastic filter plate. Auxiliary materials such as fillers, toughening agents, anti-aging agents, and antioxidants add to it to make it have good advantage. Such filter press accounts for more than 90% of the market share. This is because it has: better acid and alkali resistance than fiberglass filter plates, and can be used in concentrated acid and alkali environments; it can be used in high temperature environments, with the highest temperature reaching 100-120°C; weight Small, long use time.
The filter press produced by our factory has the advantages of fast filtration speed, stable performance, convenient operation, high temperature, high pressure, anti-corrosion and sealing performance of the filter plate, high dehydration rate of the filter cake, uniform and thorough washing, and non-toxic filter plate. Products and services have covered domestic provinces and municipalities, and exported to Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Mining and sewage treatment industries have been widely used and praised by customers.